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Where is Narraburra? Who are we? What is going on in the Garra?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Narraburra was once a 3,000 acre property located on the edge of the old township of Kooroongarra between Millmerran and Inglewood. Nowadays the township is abandoned [edit: watch this space!] and the property has been cut up over the years and sold off. In October 2020, we purchased what remains of Narraburra...121 acres including homestead, cabin, an awesome shearing shed, a couple of huge hay sheds and an old dairy. There’s five good sized dams and the property is divided into a number of paddocks consisting of one sown a number of years ago to bambatsi and the remainder native pasture.

We’re not sure what we will do with the property just yet. In the future we might do farm tours or camping.


We have 5 horses (including a miniature horse and a Shetland pony), 4 steers, 7 chooks, 1 rooster and our old dog Stig the staffy. We’ve recently adopted Shelly the Sheep!

We are learning as much as we can about the land, the country and regenerative agriculture. Hopefully we can make a difference on our little patch of the earth. We do have hundreds of native trees across the property, but as with most grazing properties, lots more have been cleared. So we’ve replanted about 30 native koala food trees, with 40 more to go in the ground shortly. And in April 2021 we started our first bee hive.

It’s pretty dry country, although responds quickly to rain, as we’ve experienced already. We are surrounded by properties growing sorghum and barley as well as cattle and dorper sheep.


The sunsets are amazing and the area is known as “Big Sky Country”. Thanks for following this page and our journey....This is seriously the best thing we’ve ever done!!!

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